When working with Web applications, the scanner identifies weaknesses in the defense and tries to attack the application, using known vulnerabilities to him in result, the user receives a detailed report about the found "holes" in protecting their systems and a set of recommendations aimed at improving the security of their information assets. Despite the fact that a scan on identify vulnerabilities – a powerful tool for analyzing security systems by themselves vulnerability scanners do not rectify the information security company. The results of the scan must be correctly interpreted and, based on these results, should be taken adequate measures to protect information assets. Scan should be performed by professionals in the IT field and, in particular in the area information security. Only certified technicians can spend quality scans, the results of which the client will receive clear instructions and an action plan aimed at improving security their information assets. The company's specialists 'IT Security' have huge experience of holding similar events and have the necessary qualifications to carry out scanning does not identify vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scanning was originally used by hackers as a tool to identify "holes" in security systems. Before the attack, the attacker needs to know what vulnerabilities they can use in information system that will be attacked. Currently conducting scanning helps companies find open ports and services that may be used by hackers for malicious attacks. In past few years, trends in information security has changed and now the legal system administrators use ex-hacker tools to identify weaknesses in the protection of their systems.