Framework Doctrinal

In a woven world of social prejudices, wishes to, division longing, ambition of prestige, greed by the non-profit editorial and aspirations do prevail sectarian authoritarianisms with political character here or there, talk or write about what means the catholicity, or being a Catholic, is presented with some degree of darkness; especially when you plan to make filing the property of catholicity in elementary individualism, interecclesial exclusionary gruperias, or collective automarginaciones and private parareligiosas. Moreover, in a perception guided by the pursuit of the common good, actions of service, orientation to the moral good, practice the virtues, trend toward truth, unity and Holiness; perception of souls illuminated by the spirit of God: talk, think, preach, and write about the catholicity demands placed in the framework of the doctrine and the Church’s Magisterium, or otherwise resultariamos speaking of catholicity of an anti-Catholic form, what is very to often happens by the heat of the lamps and the euphoria of the crowds in conferences and conventions that lead the preacher to say what the crowd live or tele-Gospel wants to hear, and not what the Church sent by the spirit needed you to express.Incidentally: manifest what the spirit of God imposes puts the preacher, priest, theologian, the Pope, to the Catechist in social disadvantage, because exercising the prophetic dimension, usually includes express what God imputes, or makes responsible companies and societies structured institutionally have raised by its members at such self-sufficiency statusthat they are helpless to understand the exhortation of the truth and are so folded among themselves and within themselves, pretending to defend him, resulting to face the same Lord who preach falsely. To avoid the degree of darkness enunciated at the beginning of this article, and to address the subject matter in question with all category of clarity, I CTEs systematically what ecclesial doctrine and the Magisterium need in order to catholicity: 1 believe that the Church is holy and Catholic, and that is and Apostolic (as add symbol Nicenoconstantinopolitano) is inseparable from faith in God, father, son and holy spirit. .