English Classes

This English football team develops years camps for boys and girls, so they can learn more about the sport they love so much and also have formal English language classes, fun activities and meet friends from all over the world. One of the conventions that have Liverpool to their camps is with the Institute of languages LILA, which is located in the same city as the club and offers courses of English by native teachers and high academic standards. During your stay of two weeks at the Liverpool Football camp, students will also learn about the mythical Anfield Road stadium, will tour its facilities, the playing field, the Museum, shop and the vicinity, learning about the history and achievements of the institution. This camp is conducted during the months of summer holidays and includes fifteen hours a week of English classes (three hours daily from Monday to Friday), nine hours of weekly soccer training, full-day and half-day, rucksack and kit excursions Liverpool (with t-shirt, trousers and half officers), English level certificate upon completion of the course, extra curricular activities every day (karaoke, theme parties, projection of films, dance, etc.). Each group is formed by 15 students maximum, which are divided according to two criteria. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andrew Cuomo and gain more knowledge.. For English classes for the level you have in this language (to determine it them an examination performed the first day of the campus) and the training of football by age. In the latter case you can there be changes in the groups if the boy or girl demonstrates abilities superior to the coves in your group, for the simple reason for you to get the most out of their practices and not delay it.

Excursions include: Hall Albert Dock, art gallery, tour of the Beatles, Gallery St. Goerge, Chester Zoo, Manchester and York, Anfield Stadium. The guides are in English so the participant to become familiar with the language. During all activities, whether they are in the playing field, at the Institute of English, in the afternoon activities or excursions, guides and monitors will be to ensure the safety of the little ones and help them in what they need. Transport are private insurance and are used for all external to the campus tours. Language classes are held in the mornings, from 9 to 12. After the course are provided with lunch, prepared by nutritionists and healthy and varied recipes. Soccer training is performed in the afternoons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 14 to 17.

Tuesdays and Thursdays moved to an excursion. Dinner is served from 17 to 18 and then more in campus activities until the hour of rest. During the weekends the whole day excursions are conducted. Everything is detailed in the program that provides participants and parents the first day of camp. If you are looking for more information about the Liverpool Football camp or other teams in Spain, England or the rest of the world will be happy to help you.

Internet Business

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