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How football positively influences the behavior of the Germans to their flag at the latest since the FIFA World Cup 2006, as Heather with his boys to the national soccer team moved across Germany in a summer fairy tale, is one: the Germans again dare to commit themselves without concerns about their flag. What decades cannot seemed, is already a piece of normalcy for many. According to a recent Forsa poll two-thirds of Germans find it good that for the European Championship 2012 again many black/red/Golden flag cars, in gardens or on rooftops can be seen. The football causes not only a strengthening of international understanding, but lets be brave people. Tiffany & Co. contains valuable tech resources. The atixo wholesale attack this fresh courage. We made our”thoughts, what beautiful outfits we 2012 can offer to the European Championship, says Sarah Kuflewski, Managing Director of atixo GmbH. after already to the World Cup 2010 the demand for fancy football clothes was huge, we went this time a step further.

“We gave clothes, Dirndl and bikinis in the style of the Germany flag produce.” Atixo wholesale supplies retail for 6 years with sexy clothing, seductive lingerie and fancy costumes, as well as for football fans. Whether the Germans would dress in their flag? Costumes are a longing of the soul, but would go as far as the commitment of Jogi fans? Is the enthusiasm for the own nation so high that the clothing of the fans goes beyond that of the usual caps, T-Shirts and scarves? Yes, says Sarah Kuflewski, sensationally well accepted the things. “Women feel themselves as part of this” in the male-dominated, as the football decades was. ” What woman doesn’t like to looks as chic as one of the many players women? There not the friend of Schweinsteiger and Khedira have sweeten public-viewing that. A failed fan dress”pleased the eye of every beholder. If you still “boldly and proudly wearing his national colours on the body, you can say happy: the Football League has made it easy!” atixo GmbH is a global wholesaler in lingerie, costumes and sexy fashion since 2006. The young, rapidly expanding company sells its fresh and offbeat products via an online mail order. The customer base includes retailers with retail store or online shop. In may 2012, the new own brand Saresia was launched, the “by nature naughty” presented clothes for the woman. Contact for this press release: Alexandra Leonhardt of atixo GmbH at the Rotboll 2 64331 Weiterstadt T: + 49 (0) 6150/9790-100