How To Put Your Store Online From Your Home

The truth is that business over the Internet, are in their infancy and their growth potential is extremely large. The Internet has ushered in a new global economy where borders are disappearing, you can sell your products and services all over the world from a company of 50 square meters and generating millions in profits while not physically meet their clients 99% . Selling online requires little staff and drops to 80% the cost of production and operation. The main requirements for entering the Internet business are: intellectual capital, technology and travel service or product line that can be delivered quickly in major cities worldwide. Profit online is only part of the benefit, the other benefit is the reduction of production and operating costs.

One challenge is to offer cheaper products, to establish close coordination with the supplier and the distributor of the product. If you have an electronic product that customers can download to your computer immediate economic benefit to your company is exponentially greater. Another challenge is to overcome public resistance to buying online, this area is still virgin, only 15% of people who access the Internet buying online, and are mostly people located in major cities in industrialized countries. Upon entering the online business, concentrate on two aspects: Information Technology (IT) and highly trained personnel. The Internet business is focused on three areas: 1 – e-business process, customer-supplier: is to make the client overcome his resistance and buy online. Coordination with the supplier of the product and service so that it reaches the customer their purchase as soon as possible. 2 – Information Technology (IT) are the electronic systems for managing customers and suppliers inside job. 3 – Detection Mechanisms customers and suppliers around the world. To achieve a good online business, provide customers a single point of contact “Your site web “. When your website is slow, saturated with information and wasting too much time ago, the customer ends up getting out. Get your information to flow quickly and clearly to their customers online, and give quick solutions to customer complaints, by concrete practical steps and easy. Include a section on suggestions and comments from your visitors and customers. Incorporating this information quickly to their website and their quality control.

Do not neglect your internal or external supplier of your service or product. The key is the exchange of information to increase their knowledge on the quality of the products it offers. The Computing Technology should be directed to the customer, supplier and staff to share data in real time and quickly make adjustments to your operating system . Small businesses are more in Internet growth opportunity for its ease and agility to transform their systems quickly. In short, you must do the following: 1 – To have an item or service can sell online. 80% of what is sold, can be done online. 2 – Have Information Technology, if trained and committed to the company. 3 – Measuring systems for the operation to know the percentage of business, shopping and delivery orders. 4 – You should also measure the performance of staff, technology and profits. To learn more about this subject can enter the links below: These companies promote the development of systematized Web from scratch, the product is called PAC WEB Ramon:

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