New From Pabobos Of Bright Children

Exhibition news by the child + youth 2012 in Cologne Pabobo designs, develops and markets a whole universe of lights to enchant children. Headquartered in Paris, the city of lights”, the team always new ideas designed to make parents life easier. All products comply with the CE standards and are designed so that they can be operated by children. “At Pabobo all share the same dream: we want to help children to befriend with light without risk of injury.” Pabobo products can be divided into four thematic areas, so that parents and children find the right light for any purpose. Night lights – calm business children afraid of the dark and make it easier for the parents to look after them at night.

Bright companion games offer children one playmates, which they can take to bed. Snooze lights asleep help children to relax and go to sleep in peace. Mood lights decorating give children the possibility of your room with beautiful and safe lights to decorate. The Super Nomad never leaves children alone the nomad was the first model, brought the Pabobo on the market, and it was also the first portable night light at all. As a solid night light plugged into the wall, it spreads a pleasant light that lets children sleep gently up and is doing so small and lightweight that you stuck in his head like a flashlight everywhere can take with it. Thanks to the nomadic parents worry no more, if your little one at night and go to the House on wandering. But you can improve something proven yet, and there now are the next generation, which is better adapted to the modern, increasingly mobile lifestyle of parents and children with the Super nomads. The Super Nomad differs in its exterior night light from the previous model, but it has the same qualities that already distinguished themselves in the predecessor.