Red Sea

We look at of the other side and we see more mountains. we look in front and there it is the Red Sea. Chobani Refugees may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He was thus with Moiss and the people of God in that day, and perhaps thus either with you now. Then I want to say to it that still a God exists who can give the total freedom to it of its problems. Not he imports which either this problem, either disease, either financial problem, either sentimental problem, either professional problem, be that as it may, It still is capable the sovereign and highest God of helping in them.

Then he does not look at of side, therefore with certainty he will see mountains, but he looks at for front in direction to the high one, therefore he is of there that he will come its aid. The PROPHET I want that if it remembers of what 20:20 is written in II Chronicles (Heard me, Jud, and you, living of Jerusalem: Deus believe in Mr. your, and will be safe; you believe in its prophets, and will prosper;) With this I want to say to it that at this moment God raising it is me as prophet for its life to augur that the Red Sea of its life goes to confide, only waits more a little, therefore still it will pass in dry land. God does not order message, It uses prophet. Thus he was with Moiss for as the people of Israel and thus he is stops with you at this moment. Then it believes in this prophet, exactly knowing believes without me in this predictive word, it was given because of its life and you she is the person most important of the world. A MIRACLE Miracle is something that the man cannot make and nor he can explain. Then miracle alone is possible if God will be in the business.

Sacred Word

He is not only for the other people’s errors that you go to pray, but first for its proper slips, errors and temptations. ' ' E, leaving, was, as it costumava, for the Mount of the Oliveiras; to its had also followed it disciples. when it arrived at that place, said to them: You pray, so that you do not enter in tentao.' ' Lucas 22:39 – 40 the angel of God comes to make the will of the Father. ' ' Saying: Father, if you want, passes of me this clice; however if it does not make my will, but tua.' ' Lucas 22:42 We see that the scholar is reprehended, it grows and it improves! Then, it teaches the way of God for the next ones in its way to live, being a new man, a new woman, a new creature of God! If you were the first person converted for God Mr. Jesus inside of its house you are signal that God made it leader in the conversion of all its family. But he does not need to be worried, therefore God also of the one until the details of what to make as Its revelation in the Sacred Word, It already indicated the general way to follow in intention to extend to the perpetual salvation the rodos its. He continues intent and he waits of God all the details to follow in front. He fulfills accurately what God says to it in the Word and It goes to fulfill the workmanship through you.

On behalf of Jesus. Example: in Acts 16:31 the Truth says in them to believe in Mr. Jesus and will be safe we and all our house, but you have not seen the fulfilment of this divine principle between its familiar ones. Then you, in service fit of God, to demand the Mr. the concretion of this supreme truth in the life of its family, but does not make this before inside confirming of itself that it believes truily in Mr. Jesus.

is remained firm in its conjuncts, first for itself, receiving the power from God in each attitude. After it prays for its spouse, children, excessively familiar, colleagues and adversaries and believes that each one of them already belongs the Jesus Christ and has renewed life 100% for the perpetual success of the salvation, also uses the enrolled wisdom in the Perpetual Truth, demanding it humblly at one’s feet Mr. Glory the God for this! God blesses to all. On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing. It visits articles and books of the writer on the walked one with God in: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '