Styles Of Office Furniture

To date, there are many different styles of design office, everyone has the right to choose what best suits him. We will try a little bit easier for resettlement office and tell you about contemporary style of the workplace, working in today's world of office furniture. In the Russian market are especially popular three basic styles of furniture of office premises: the classical (or cost) avant-garde and exclusive. What exactly choose – depends on the business status and resources that your company is willing to spend on this task. Each style has its own peculiarities: Classic style – characterized by The original design, the prisoner, however, in the strict classical framework and multi-variant design office pomescheniy.Kak Typically, this style uses small and medium-sized fast growing companies leaders who seek to create maximum business office environment with minimal financial costs.

The hallmark of this style is the original design, which is constrained by the classical framework. This style is most often use small and medium sized growth companies and businesses where every inch of the office works to the benefit of the company, every minute on a strict allowance for each employee clearly knows his task, and it performs flawlessly. Classic style does not require high material costs, but delivers maximum business environment. All the elements used in creating the classical style, have practicality, and do not carry anything extra. Office, made in the classical style, sets people on the working mood, helps to focus primarily on business matters. Avant-garde style with the years gaining more fans among young Russian business. Its inherent minimalism, interior maximum transparency, the absence of sharp corners and sleek curved shapes can be claimed by companies looking for glory in the market and creative e-business.

This style is like no other demands impeccable taste: for correct selection of office furniture in the office of reigning atmosphere of openness, accuracy and integrity. This office does not tolerate standard solutions. Special originality he gives a variety of accessories – from gifts and vases to lamps and table sets. For the avant-garde design is characterized harmonious blend of metal and frosted tempered glass with a specially machined edge of which is usually made horizontal surfaces of office furniture. Vanguard office will not tolerate the standard solutions. A special role is played in such interior accessories. Exclusive style features a refined, classic design, timeless influence of fashion, and the organic combination of high-quality, natural materials – wood, leather, brass and bronze. Such furniture want to call eternal – it is inherited and eventually becomes only more expensive. Representativeness – the main task of this style. Here the design of office does not tolerate vanity, frivolity and Random Neighborhood items. Highest quality of expensive natural materials and perfection of classical form – a guarantee of certainty and stability .Eksklyuzivny style – it's representativeness. This interior, of course, inform your customers and business partners that the company is stable and confident in the future. This office can afford a really successful executives, and a visitor, barely crossed his threshold, instantly felt that he came into a solid organization. From which to build a long term relationship.

Lamination Films

Lamination as a way to protect paper and other materials used in various spheres of activity. Therefore, the varieties of lamination film set. And every type of films – especially his use. Widest range of materials for lamination can solve any problems for the protection of documents and production of decorative and promotional products. The first difference laminating films from each other – it is their a variety of thickness. The thickness of films for lamination ranges from 8 to 250 microns.

In the first case we are talking about a very thin material printing purposes. In the second – on a massive dense film, which can be seen to calendars, pins, decals and driver's license. Thin films are mostly used for laminating the lottery products, and therefore are supplied in rolls of 100 to 3000 meters in length and from 305 to 2000 mm in width. Since laminators are "package" that are commonly used in offices, and industrial type roll laminators, laminating film, and then they are packaged and rolled. Film for a batch of laminators is a double package of film, bonded to one side. Laminiruemy document is embedded between two layers of film.

Lamination Films differ primarily by: Format Thickness of the film itself. Several surface texture tips for proper selection: Choosing the purchase of film format, you need to consider the size of documents, photographs, badges, etc., that you intend to laminate. No need to buy, such as film A4 if you laminate the photos, size 9×12 mm, too many films have just cut. Quite simply, if the size of what you'll laminate coincides with one of the standard size of the film for lamination. If not – you need to choose a slightly larger size of the film. If you laminate the sheets just so that they do not get dirty and are not damaged by moisture, you have enough film thickness of 60 or 80 microns. Laminated sheet with the be sufficiently thin and easily , but protected from moisture, dust, etc. Thicker film for lamination also protects against mechanical damage as well as provide laminated documents with a certain toughness. For example, lamination passes more likely to use the film thickness of 150 microns. Most suspension film thickness for batch laminators – 100-125 microns. Produced the same film for lamination in sizes from 54 x 86 mm to 303x426mm and the thickness from 60 to 250 um. Surface texture of the film are very important for the perception of the observer. For example, the glossy film is able to make the colors more vivid and bright, while the matte film can reduce the contrast to create a softer and relaxing experience. The latest versions of films to laminators enable you to add prominence to the surface of the image and the different textures of finishes – such as the crystal pyramid, "goose bumps", textile yarn (flax), frosty pattern stochastic moire and even holographic effects. These textural finish in appearance are somewhere between gloss and matt surfaces. With their thin, almost imperceptible structure, they also reduce the visibility of the scratches are noticeable, for example, on a clean glossy or matte finish. The most widely used batch glossy film for lamination of various formats. Rarely used matt Honed or textured film.