Council Articles

A rather special case is that of Google Adsense, system whereby, giant Google shares profits with the owners of blogs, inserting commercials in these blogs and allowing the owner of the blog to win a small portion for each click you people do in such links. To achieve that people arrive to their blogs and click on such links to make a profit, owners write articles and publish them to achieve that your blog is visited, at once, place other links of interest which will give the possibility of a sale, with its consequent gain. There are several advantages of articles online about the printed items, among them, the rapidity with which can reach these readers, readers don’t have to pay anything, as in the case of the printed article, which will pay for the newspaper. And, something that stands out greatly, their durability or stay in the network. While an article in a journal could soon disappear with the disappearance or deterioration of the journal, articles on the internet will always be there and, if the reader wishes, you can download it to your computer, record it on any storage device and have it to available when you need it. There are some directories of articles of much popularity, which include, for example,,, but the truth is that there are many alternatives can be considered and which are very good; one of them is, which in addition of being in Spanish, is very high quality.

A Council on our side is that we do not sacrifiquemos the quality of our articles. We write and publish articles of high quality, relevant and timely information, and the use of a proper spelling and grammatical rules always. With the rise of Web 2.0 and social networks daughters, distribute articles has become something quick and easy. Simply include a link to the article in some of our comments to articles of other writers, and it will be already circulating our article via the web. At the same time, the inclusion of links to products or web sites that interest us are seen, will make these are quickly known and, if is These products, they can be purchased by our customers.

Many are the ways to promote our services or products; However, if economic reasons we do not allow, in the first instance, use means that are quite costly, marketing with articles, well used, we have a cheap and effective form of promotion which we can leverage. I dare to assure that this form of advertising has little to envy to other conventional methods, without despising any of them. We must not forget, however, that the quality and excellence in our articles are part of the components that will make them a decisive factor in the success of our business.