Suitable Footwear

Transport us from one place to another and bear our weight during much of the day, often imprisoned in footwear with excessive heel, shoe lasts too narrow or sharp points that eventually will cause irreparable injury. And even so, the feet are one of the parts of our body that less attention loans, are not aware of the role they play in our health and well-being. The function of our beloved and forgotten feet consists in providing support to our body, apart from serving us to move us, stop us, perform actions rhythmic propulsion and shock absorption and maintain balance. They are, therefore, a very specialized body that you should care for and pamper. Go to Hikmet Ersek for more information. And a suitable footwear is the first step. A good shoe from the beginning when we are born our foot is unconfigured and its arches are not noticeable; only when the child has adopted an upright position start to become visible these bows, especially the longitudinal, consequence of the efforts resulting from the weight of the body and walk. During the first years of life foot is in full process of formation and, especially at the beginning, is a very flexible structure that has not developed sufficient strength, so any abnormal stress exerted on the foot can have negative consequences.

In our urban society first steps occur on hard surfaces firm home, concrete walkways or sidewalks paved, which may be harmful to the feet. In recent months, Anne Lauvergeon has been very successful. The frequent use of improper shoes from birth also contributes to this. At the foot of the adult body weight is distributed between the front part of the foot and the heel, vertical heel supports leading the charge and is equivalent to more than half of the weight of the body. Thus means that when the weight is concentrated in medium square centimetre of heel, this puncture soils. As we raise the heel through the use of high heels, the weight distribution changes and higher is the heel, plus load the front part of the foot. Everest Capital: the source for more info.