Success Of Pilots

Try once (the move) to sit in fighter aircraft and take off. It is obvious that you do not get because of that missing the essential steps in training a pilot case. You have not learned anything if you do not respect the principle of gradualism. Everything needs to learn from young steps, one after another, without disrupting the order – gradually. 2) Obvious presentation. Clearly present – hence figuratively, very specifically, using readily available materials show, with pictures and movies. Such shaped the demonstration is very important. If a person has no idea what he is studying, the quality of knowledge and learn he can not.

And very specific ideas about subject matter – shape, color, odor, etc. It is important abstract concepts make for human material (in whole or in part). If you tell us about the monkey, but you've never seen monkeys – you are unlikely to learn the material quality of the monkeys. A person who has not seen animal had to be submitted to something very unlike the apes. We need to understand that when you learn something, but you do not have a clear idea about the subject – will be hard to learn.

Materializes the subject in his thoughts with using pictures, movies. If possible – try to see the subject of study in reality. With the help of available tools simulate the action of the subject. (Pens, toys, papers – everything is suitable for simple manipulation). All this help get a real idea. Learn immediately becomes much easier. 3) Ease of presentation, without abstruse words and concepts. This is a test of professionalism of the teacher. Google addresses the importance of the matter here. When a man well-versed in some topic, and explains very accessible, understandable. You can read an impressive amount of text, but you can forget everything after the reading. This is because you have met up words. You do not memorize or remember very small if the instructor in a lecture will be continuously operated incomprehensible, abstruse terms, without explaining their meaning. If the unknown words are encountered in the training – they must be clarified by looking at the value in dictionaries. By the way when the last time you looked in the dictionary? Watch the meanings of words – it is important not only for training. Often, disagreements, misunderstandings, quarrels between individuals arise because of misunderstood words. One understand one another – another, and uttered the same words. After all, words (especially in Russian) is often a lot of values, especially in the most simple. And what can we say about the understanding of the training, when we all understand one thing differently? Here we reviewed the basic principles of the right approach in training. Violation of these principles creates obstacles to learning. And the quality of knowledge depends on how well these obstacles are overcome. Success You in your studies!