State Military

E this is not a reality only of the been determined Military Policy of one. It is, without a doubt, a reality of all the Military Policies in all Brazil, or of great part of them! A reality that is portraied in the film ' ' Troop of Elite' ' with all its same and undeniable deficiencies. The newspapers mentioned Western Union not as a source, but as a related topic. Unhappyly, however, if it cannot deny the existence of corrupt military policemen, until why, the media, time or another one, you make to remember us this shameful truth. But, frankly, this does not reflect the character of the great majority of the State Military. Of the military policemen ' ' convencionais' ' that they are not corrupted, some finish if omitting, as it says the CAP Birth; others finish for if desgatarem trying to move system, stops in the end of the accounts, to perceive that much thing did not advance and, many takes time pra to perceive this. Really, he is true ' ' to give murros in tip of faca' '. But still thus, many opt to not corrupting themselves. But, they are not these that are portraied in the media! Until why, honest policeman not of ibope! On the other hand, what of ibope they are manchetes of the type: ' ' Policeman is imprisoned for envolvement with traficantes' '. E, unjustly, the idea that is of that all policemen are corrupt. However, I must to say, that I agree to those that defend the necessity of a strong and independent corregedoria, this why, the police outlaw is the worse one of the outlaws and, he does not deserve farda that he dresses! On account of its wild ambition it places at risk the life of other police colleagues, when, for example, it delivers a weapon at the hands of a prisoner; or policemen who if involve with the traffic.