Sport Utilitary Vehicle

Maserati SUV could be closer than ever. The first rumors, more or less well-founded, arose a few years ago. To know more about this subject visit Western Union. But the rumors have given way to confirmation by Sergio Marchionne that Maserati is indeed developing a SUV. In this project, it is obvious that the merger between Fiat and Chrysler groups has been crucial, and safely will be the experience of Jeep that guide the entry into the market of the SUVs of the Trident brand. After you confirm officially that Maserati will have its own Sport Utilitary Vehicle to rival directly, among others, the new Porsche Cayenne, it comes time to the recreations and hypothesis about its design and its technical specifications.

Higher up you have a fairly realistic recreation recently published by the Italian magazine and just below these lines another recreation designed by Pietro Orlando for Virtual Car. Both the chassis and some elements of mechanics employed by this new Maserati they will come from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Engines, materials used in the passenger compartment and settings of the chassis and the bodywork which Maserati will develop on its own and that will justify that this vehicle can be around 100 000 in the European market will make the biggest difference. They already know. The Fiat group has started an ambitious plan to multiply your sales and your profits.

A plan that is inexorably to ensure the profitability of one of the most important emblems for the Italian automobile group: Maserati. In their quest for profitability not only realized that a luxury SUV might report them many sales, but also of the importance of manufacturing a cheap media-grande saloon and below the Maserati Quattroporte, with prices starting below 60,000. We will always the bitter regustillo that a brand like Maserati, a traditionally dedicated to sports manufacturer, go to the dark side and begins to develop SUVs and sedans cheap, giving up part of its exclusivity. But don’t you think that today it is much more important to be sure to launch models with a good volume of sales that might allow you to Maserati continue betting on other sports more exclusive and less profitable for the brand?