Second Media

Phrases typical of this type of approach would be the following: is a good program is a fun/boring is a program entertaining that program has actors serious are good actors the limitations of this mode approach to the phenomenon of reception consist you are (basadas en categorias aparentemente incuestionables, como el gusto, las sensaciones, etc. 2) level 2 shortcut Immanentism media key question: what features I have to I have so I like that program? This is the second layer of depth to the overall look that you want to achieve, and has to do with the perspective that tends to find a reflection of something in society in the media discourse. This view insists in pointing out how what you see on the screen could be considered the result of any need or feature present in society. Thredup addresses the importance of the matter here. Such a perspective or approach you agree with the following reasoning: the media are what viewers want to see to some extent; If they weren’t, no one would consume their messages; media will be shaped to the wishes and needs of its viewers. Reflections typical of this type of approach could be the following: this program in which all fight is the product of a society in which anything goes in order to reap benefits with the intention that the students talk with respect to what they are viewing, and criticize it, teachers often try to point out how those images have to do with subjectivities in society we live and in which measure these products take some present in persons sensitivity beforehand. Is possible that before the eyes of the students, little accustomed to perform analysis of the media products, this approach proves a finding and an important opportunity to begin to observe phenomena in a more detached way, overcoming the mere superficial own qualification of the I like or do not like.