Search Engines

Spider found on the website links that bind the pages and 'creeping' on them (ie, passing), captures the relevant pages in the database. When a user accesses the search engine with an appropriate request from the database Data are selected addresses relevant pages. The catalogs evaluate the relevance of site real people (moderators), which allocate resources on thematic sections, as well as suppress the use of prohibited methods optimization. When a user requests a search engine directory calculates relevance, as well as the machine is a search engine, but taking into account the assessments assigned to the site moderator. Many companies dream of seeing your site in the first positions in the most popular search engines. Five resources for the high rating that is worth fighting, is as follows: Yandex – 46.0% Rambler – 25.7% Google – 16.5% – 4.6% Aport – 3.5%. Percentages reflect the conversion statistics with appropriate resources. From They first two are the absolute leaders.

The best option is to register in search engines and directories have an optimized website. However, most of the resource owners are beginning to realize the importance of optimization only when completely disappointed in your performance as a tool to increase profits. So, if you just registered your site, do not optimize it, then consider that you have done just formality and the active flow of the target audience can be forgotten. The rating, exhibited by the search engine to your site, is influenced by many factors. Most of them are amenable to assessment and management from the developer promoter or the resources for the optimization, which includes: research and selection of key words / phrases specific to site-flavored; correction contents of the pages; optimization of meta tags, improving the structure of pages and the whole site.