SDL Mercedes-Benz

After the fuel crisis, Mercedes-Benz set the economy car as the main priority, even in high-power versions of the engine V8. In the body design, the purpose of the team w126, which was headed by legendary Bruno Sacco (Bruno Sacco), was to develop a more elegant car with better aerodynamics than the previous model. The use of lighter materials and alloys, as well as thorough testing in a wind tunnel, led to that the car has consumed 10% less fuel than its predecessor. Maximum speed just increased to 250 km / h. After six years of development, W126 was formally presented at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt in September 1979. Initially, line represented the seven models in the standard (SE, SD) and long (long) (SEL, SDL) versions of sedans: 280 se / sel, 380 se / sel, 500 se / sel and 300 sd.

Few people know that, technically, the elongated body were labeled V126. In 1981, at the next Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung was presented coupe version 122nd Body (SEC). Also in 1981, the magazine ‘Wheels Magazine’ chose the Mercedes-Benz W126 380 se Car of the Year (Car of the Year). Four years later, after presenting the program to reduce fuel consumption of ‘Energy Program,’ has been completely redesigned range of 126-x. In sentbyare 1985, again at the iaa in Frankfurt, was introduced restyled lineup. In addition to visual changes in the bumper, side ‘skirts’ and changes in the alloys, the largest changes kasnulis available range of engines. Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Added two completely new version of a 6-cylinder engines, as well as the new V8, 4.2 liters in volume. In 1992, the generation of W126 was replaced by the W140 (also known as ‘six hundredth’, also known as ‘elephant’).

However, not unaware that one of the factories of the concern in Issue 122nd until 1994. Design W126 S-Class has opened a new era in automotive design. Given that the new design was very different from prydyduschih models Mercedes-Benz, first of its perceived ambiguously. Compared with its predecessor – W116, the 122nd was more elegant, clearance was lower, the contours of a more aerodynamic than before. For the first time Mercedes-Benz sedan was not equipped with a fully chromed bumpers – used polyurethane bumpers with chrome lining. In interior used leather on the doors, wood paneling on the center console and dashboard, as well as a simplified scenario, symmetrically arranged buttons. Awards W126 S-Class has become a true champion in the market of luxury cars. In addition to commercial success, the car zschavoeval number of awards. Machine, the ‘Car of the Year’. Magazine’s ‘Wheels Magazine’ in 1981. Safety. W126 was marked by award of the American Institute for Highway Loss Data Institute, as ‘the safest car for the passenger’ in 1988 and 1989. Customer satisfaction.