Roofing Materials

Roof – is one of the most important parts of the building. And usually a device of the roof will not for a year or two, but for decades. Accordingly, to choose a roofing material and to the very roof, you need to carefully and well deliberately. In this small article we would like to talk a little about this wonderful roofing materials like metal. Metal is a sheet roofing material with a colored polymer coating. The main advantages of metal roofing are: long lifetime, rich colors, light weight, ease of installation, the full range of accessories supplied with roofing material, environmental safety, as well, which is quite important – the low price.

To carry out installation of metal need not reinforced trusses and solid sheathing. Roof from a metal suitable for roofs with the angle ranges gradient from 12 to 60 degrees. At first sight, metal is not the impression of a complex product, but it is not. We list the main factors that affect the life of the roof of metal, its cost and aesthetics. The main component of metal – steel. Standard thickness is – 0,5 mm. If the thickness of the metal is at least one-tenth less, strength and durability of roofing will be significantly reduced. Steel – a material that corrodes, so it needs protection.

Fairly reliable, albeit outdated, method of protecting steel – zinc coating. The second, equally important component of the metal – a decorative layer. The most common polyester, plastisol, and the Puranas. The most practical coating for our climatic conditions are considered as polyester. He is able to withstand 2 times more heat than the plastisol, which is important Factor in the south. He also has no cracks, which are sometimes observed in purale. And still cheaper than other polyester decorative coatings. Third determining component of metal is its profile. Models metal vary step pattern and the depth profile. What a relief profile, the better it looks the roof, the more the steel plate needed for one square meter and, accordingly, the price of such metal roofing will be higher. Profile of metal resistant to ultraviolet light, easy to tolerate sudden temperature changes. Tiles of metal can be easily laid. Size sheets will reduce the number of joints and, consequently, to obtain greater strength and water resistance. It's pretty easy stuff. Weight of one square meter of metal – 4,5 kg (for comparison, ceramic tile weighs 38-40 kg / m 2). To summarize. Durability metalocherepitsi, high efficiency, low consumption of materials, ease of installation – the main advantages of metal roofing. But unfortunately, like any other material, metal has some drawbacks. When it installation of remaining waste, depending on the configuration of the roof, they can reach 5-10%. When precipitation is observed noise. However, these same shortcomings inherent and other types of roofing. Metal was invented only Thirty years ago, and during that time she has gained wide popularity throughout Europe. We use metal roofing, mainly in low-rise building, but metal is also used in capital construction, and construction of industrial buildings.