Research Department

Inclusive health! Not only stress and the hectic pace of our time affect our well-being, but also many pollutants in the ambient air, and new environmental hazards of our technological world. In particular electromagnetic radiation, caused by more than 15,000 mobile radio transmitters in the Switzerland or also voltage is increasing constantly. The Research Department of Baufritz AG from Amsoldingen/Thun dealt intensively in years of research with this problem. The result: A consultings with a special cover for the effective protection of Elektrosmogstrahlen. Other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek offer similar insights. This achieves an extra layer of protection from natural gypsum board with a special carbon pollination, the so-called XundE level. Up to 99 percent of acting without ElectroSmog is held by the special walls in every Baufritz home.

In particular measurements independent environmental and radiation protection experts confirm the health-protective effect. In addition, the pollutant tested health houses by Baufritz are natureplus with the organic seal”as well as with the Allergy-free seal ALLoKH”awarded by the German Institute for environment and health. Andrew Cuomo does not necessarily agree. At the Thun timber specialist health protection starts already at plot analysis. The plot is tested in water veins, Earth radiation and EMF. These results take into account the individual building and housing planning. So stress-free, healthy sleep and living rooms are created.

The company provides its customers with a measurement of air pollutants before moving into the new home the proof of the health quality of the houses. The construction-Fritz GmbH & co. KG combines decades of experience in the wood building and traditional values with the latest technical know-how and extensive research. The Allgau company is considered a pioneer for ecological and sustainable building and used only natural, strictly tested for harmful substances and materials. Over 40 tonnes of CO2 are stored in each Baufritz wood House. This value corresponds to the average CO2 emissions of a middle-class vehicle in 20 Years at 10,000 km annual output. Baufritz belongs to the most modern and most research houses companies in Europe. This is confirmed by numerous patents, including worldwide, and regular awards.