Representative Executividade

In this in case that, the person when assuming the guilt, and being importnciadevidamente quantified, can have the value of the obligation to pay, representadopela the signature of a check or a promissory note; b) Contract of purchase and sales or loan, etc., in which constao value of to be fulfilled obligation; c) Exchange, that it is the case of the guarantor of a notapromissria; Amongst the main characteristics or attributes the credit headings quepossuem, that give to agility and guarantee to them, are: – Negotiability represented for the easiness of circulaodo credit that the heading represents. Thus, a credit heading can sertransferido by means of endorsement (signature in the verse of the heading, being able the endorsement, black being in when it declares the name of the benefited one, and blank when not ofaz). – Representative Executividade of the guarantee of more agile collection when ocredor it decides to appeal to the judiciary one aiming at to the satisfaction of the credit. Aexecutividade assures a bigger efficiency for the collection of the crditorepresentado one. Sets of ten of species of headings of credit in Brazil, all elesregulados for specific legislation exist. For the intentions of this briefing study, we go to present the main ones modalities that guarantee the great majority dasoperaes of credit in the Brazilian market. They are: ) the letter of exchange; b) promissory note; c) check; d) duplicate 1.3. The CHARACTERISTICS OR BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HEADINGS DECRDITO the headings of credit in its more varied species keep in itself trscaractersticas basic, which are: 1.3.1. Cartularidade the cartularidade is the characteristic of the heading that has for base its existnciafsica or equivalent, that is, the heading has that to exist in its essence effective and representative comoelemento of the credit. Thus, a heading of crditoexiste while to exist its bond, that is, while to exist prpriottulo printed matter, not being also admitted copy for the purpose of dadvida execution.