Primary Care

Keywords: Leadership, Nurse, Primary Care. RESUMEN You are important that los trabajadores woollen salud, especially enfermeras, is en form y capable to serve the los customers there the sight of sus problems y necesidades en substance of salud, adaptndose the wools demands del labor market before diverse wools technologies en substance of salud, in such a way light tan lasts there. As, we can detach el wool paper enfermeras en atencin there primary as un profesional emprendedor en el public woollen context salud, this. You are el bad calificado for posicin of liderazgo/direccin there reconocida for otros acadmico profesionales y for el For lo in such a way, we llegamos conclusin there of that wools enfermeras deben to tener conocimiento woollen administracin to be un buen manager, you are esencial there for unin woollen theory (conocimiento) con el day the there prctica day. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mirilashvili by clicking through. For lo in such a way, controlling wools enfermeras of UBS to establecer joins relacin effective between el object y el intention of su proceso of trabajo, is to decir, wools sets in motion of gestin guided to satisfacer wools necesidades of salud woollen clientele. If it deals with joins literature, un exploratorio descriptivo studio y, carried through the traverse of joins encuesta of datos concerning enfermera as there leader en atencin there primary.

For there preparacin of this investigacin fue necesario to consult artculos los published en wools reviewed scientific the national level of transmisin the libros traverse of Internet y en that tratan on el subject. There to recopilar los datos if realiz publicaciones joins revisin bibliographical of wools on el well-taken care of woollen salud by means of consultation of scientific libros artculos y that incluyeron el subject en el period of April the August of 2011. Words clave: Primary Liderazgo, enfermera, atencin. INTRODUCTION In the present time, is notable how much the professional of the health area if has adjusted to the requirements of the market of work in view of some technologies in health, as much light how much the hard ones.