OSCE Kingdom

We took over from the peacekeeping UN, OSCE and other international organizations, creating the Kingdom of the group to resolve conflicts in spiritual basis of diplomacy. Eradication of irrational hatred among people, threatening life on Earth is not easy, but possible. It must be remembered: the enemies of the people there. The enemy – the character of the metaphysical world, operating people by activating their basest desires. We have already reached the point where the issues relate to public administration must reflect the realities of changing world. Never before have the prospects of development of civilization determined by the extent of this solution to the problems and errors are not threatening a global catastrophe and destruction throughout the world. Technological progress is ahead of the biological features of human understanding in its negative posledstviy.Globalizatsiya made the world vulnerable, because technical progress has not been adequate progress in the moral.

Best opposite of violence – it's spiritual development. Culture determines the quality of society and is reliable deterrent to the movement toward the abyss. successful. In the cultural life of our country's past year was marked by success and achievement. In the Kingdom of published books and articles have been created beautiful music, a unique show, started an art gallery and web studio, began to prepare to shoot a new movie and to international music festivals. Many doubted that such problems to us shoulder. But the citizens of our multinational country has only become more friendly and united.

This is the main result of this year. My dear! Taking this opportunity, I want to thank you all my sincere respect and appreciation. I am grateful for the fact that in these difficult times you have displayed their best qualities – patience, diligence and responsibility. We're on the right track, and it – just the beginning. It does not matter where we are now, we – together! I I believe in every one of you! A year of 2011. For the Kingdom of Love comes a time for new responsible business. Today all of us share a common dream that the UK has a strong, prosperous and respected country in the world. Before our goal is to gain international prestige, education and social responsibility of spiritual generation, bringing together many millions of people. Our primary objective – is to restore damaged human relations, good neighborly relations, the ability to understand and respect each other, and most of all – a return to political and social agenda of the concept of human life. As a unique neutral platform secular spirituality, realizing humanitarian projects, supporting interfaith cooperation, actively applying principles of spiritual peacemaking diplomacy to resolve conflicts Kingdom Love promotes the transition of humanity to a new stage of development. And we need to adequately fulfill this historic mission. New Year – a holiday that miraculously unites past, present and future. For most people New Year's Eve – the most favorite holiday. People expect a light tale of a new happiness … It's time to throw open our hearts to joy, goodness and success, which will surely bring us new in 2011. Congratulations to you, my sweet and dear friends, and I wish the main thing – peace, tranquility and love in your homes. May the New Year will give you health, happiness and prosperity! Let your creativity always gives people the joy of human cognition soul! May all your wishes come true and dreams come true! Happy New Year! Happy Birthday to the Kingdom of Love! Her Majesty The Queen Mary II of Jerusalem