Numismatic Department

Latter, the spectrum ranges from the 50-euro gold coin to ounce (circulation 1,000) up to the largest gold coin to 10 ounces with nominal value 1,000 euros and a limitation to only 20 copies. The special feature of this short-run printing: It are the first 1000-euro coins of all times. All the coins are only in the highest quality of the impression proof”(Polierte Platte) offered. As all conditions are very brief, coin collectors and prospective buyers should hurry up. Andrew Cuomo may find this interesting as well. In addition to the French and international collectors of Europe series of the Monnaie de Paris, this special fall is “very strong demand for coin from France certainly also on the German market. For the fact that Germany has scheduled itself 2009 no commemorative coin on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall speaks the skillful execution and the historical as well as current political importance. Spezifikationenen: Commemorative coin France 2009: Silver (900 / 1000), 10 euro, weight 22.2 g, o 37 mm, 10,000 ex / gold (920 / 1000), 50 euro, weight ounce, o 22 mm, edition of 1,000 ex / gold (999 / 1000), 200 euros, weight 1 ounce, o 37 mm, edition of 500 ex / gold (999 / 1000), 500 euros, weight 5 ounces, o 50 mm, Edition 99 ex / gold (999 / 1000), 1000 euro, weight 10 ounces, o 65 mm, Edition 20 ex. Cover credits: in the local coin dealers, with selected banks with Numismatic Department or specialized trade such as such as MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin, telephone (0180) 577 33 80 (14 cent / min) or.