No Lal

To see what is, not yet but also for the final product. If the electric golf 2014 series goes, he will do that already in the dress of the Gulf of the seventh generation. We give one power instead of gas must an engineer for electrical engineering be, to drive the golf blue-e-motion. The usual paths will hardly leave. Who is waiting for an engine noise after turning the ignition key, will have to endure long. A short beep and the ready symbol declare the willingness of golf to driving. After inserting the drive position D sits the Wolfsburg Stromer in movement. With the maximum torque of 270 nm from the stand, the golf needs to shy away from blue-e-motion no traffic light duel.

In 11.8 seconds, he can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The electric golf needs no additional course or speed steps, like one she knows of manual and automatic transmissions. Outside as inside you hear virtually nothing. When the speed increases the rolling noise of tyres become louder. Volkswagen will decide on a possible artificial noise of vehicle only if the corresponding legal regulations. The Revolution takes place under the sheet metal dress. Where else is the internal combustion engine, the electric motor with a peak output of 115 HP. is located in the golf blue-e-motion The lithium-ion batteries with a total of 315 kilograms are in the vehicle floor and below the trunk.

The cargo area is only slightly restricted and 237 litres. The rear seatback can be killed easily. No Lal the golf blue-e-motion is powered by an electric motor with maximum power of 115 HP performance. The engine is mounted as in a conventional Golf front under the hood, the lithium-ion batteries which provide power to the motor, located in the trunk floor, under the rear seats and the center tunnel. A separate air cooling of the 315-kilogram battery module controls the heat balance.