Music Relax And Meditation

To begin to talk about healing or soothing sounds we must translate it into concepts a little more Ethereal for the understanding of the majority, since in these terms everything could be relative. Moods always vibrate and expand the space in terms of vibrations and colors, being that all mental States are thrown outward from the body that created them.These vibrations affect other minds increasing your tone and the emotional States of other people who are tuned into the same frequency for better or for worse. Since time immemorial the hermetic have taught the States of movement of the light, heat, magnetism, and the principle of molecular attraction which is nothing more than what commonly people known as love. Positive thinking vibrates at a frequency of high spectrum, why one of the sayings of the master jesus was. The God of this world comes to my and can’t find anything in my to grab it.The negative pole is concerned that operates in most minds. As the low sounds are low frequency and vibration slow, rather loud sounds are high vibration and faster, as well as bright colors.

If either are very diverse and broad factors that we can use to our advantage to help raise our vibratory rat will deepen not too now are simply going to refer us to a few very special sounds called solfeggios momentarily. They were handled in a technique that has been lost almost in time. These frequencies were apparently given within the Gregorian chants and said that they produced not only special States those who sang them but also those who listened to them. This effect produced in masses came to preoccupy both the hierarchs of the Church, which with the passing of time were being removed. Says that an example of what we mentioned here is the great anthem to san juan bautista.