But you can improve your metabolism and thereby improve the digestibility of food – in this case, the food will not be delayed in fat accumulation. Deterioration of the metabolic processes (metabolism) are most likely due to the slags of the body. Over time we accumulate a lot of toxins and harmful substances that interfere with normal metabolic processes. As experience shows that many people only after a detox lose weight without any diets and their weight remained stable. Many writers such as Bitcoin offer more in-depth analysis. Comprehensive cleansing of the body affects the operation of not only the digestive system, but many other systems.

According to experts, even a single complex purification can extend the life of 2 years. And if regular cleaning, you can get rid of many health problems and prolong the lives of more than 15 years. Cleansing the body affects both the improvement of metabolic processes, as well as the appearance, which is especially concerned about women. Cleansing helps rejuvenate the body, refreshes the complexion, and place skin problems. As we know from Oriental medicine, skin problems – a reflection of the internal organs, which establishes cleansing of the body. After all, no wonder yoga conducted regular cleansing of the body, while still lived in times when food was all natural! Conscious approach to diet and habit not to overeat with the launch of the metabolic processes (metabolic processes) can help not only to lose too much, but do not type it in the future.

This is the basic guarantee harmonic weight. Many of those who have mastered it and put into practice forever changed his life for the better. A beautiful slender body changes and the circumstances around them. According to psychologists, personal life is getting better, and more successfully develops a career. 3. Use movement. If you have the ability and desire to move more, it is welcome! Even if the gym you are not under force, for example, make a habit of walking at least 3 times week, a very good effect on your figure. Movement in itself enhances metabolic function, and you can afford a little more sweet than usual. Generally, exercise for many ever decided the problem of excess weight. 4. The formation of the desired silhouette. In addition to all of the above, there is an unconventional approach to maintaining a harmonious weight and even the formation of sexual body proportions. It is the work with consciousness. It is no secret that our bodies – it is a living structure that responds to consciousness. Recall, the placebo effect – self-hypnosis, which is able to deliver even on serious diseases. Using slender and visualization beautiful body, we can give him a command such proportions to form what we want. And it really works! The body of learning is one constant form, which we can give her. And this may help special practice of manual therapy and massage antitsellyultny that will form the desired silhouette.