Max Cornelia

Mary? Mary was actually Marian. When I learned that his name also in applications often leads to irritation because he is understood as an abbreviation of Marianne, I removed from my Luca List. Die Namen-Top-Ten heute und Gestern Anna/Lukas Angelika/Micheal Gertrud/Wilhelm Leonie/Leon Karin/Peter Martha/Walter Lea(h)/Luca Gabriele/Wolfgang Erna/Karl Lena/Tim(m) Renate/Dieter Anna/Hans Hanna(h)/Paul Brigitte/Klaus Frida/Otto Laura/Jonas Birgit/Jurgen Elisabeth/Hermann Lara/Finn (Fynn Sabine/Thomas Else/Paul Emily/Max Cornelia/Manfred Herta/Heinrich Sara(h)/Niclas Ursula/Uwe Helene/Ernst Lilli, Lilly/Luis/Louis Petra/Bernd Margaret/peacefully fits’s last name? That not James called his child, if your name is bond, we know. Klara case is also not, as well as Axel Haar. 🙂 But there are also flowers arising out of thoughtlessness. Like when my classmates last name: Sahin. His parents named him Knut.

We found it funny. Na Yes Knut of less * g *. Important when the surname also: the longer the family name, the shorter should be the first name be and vice versa. Atonal and stressed syllables should alternate: Dirk Ammon is better than Rudolfo Ammon. By the way: Parents, the different surnames and who should test the given name with both name variants. Later decide on a common family name, it automatically also applies to children. How rare is the name really? In the 15th century almost all were equal.

Since every third boy was Hans, every third girl in Cologne, for example, well guess what?”u0085 an Elisabeth. In Berlin from 1903, researchers counted about 800 given name. There are a hundred years later in big cities now up to 3000. Today, parents want a rare name for their child. Finally it must not for years mean Chrissi or Bine in school, because there are already three further Christine’s and four other Sabines. My best source was a kindergarten teacher. Lisa? Don’t”, said overflowing my group of Lisa’s and Laura’s. Who lack of educators in the circle, look in the local section of the newspaper Department birth announcements. Do you know the meaning? Worth a look in the dictionary. A friend named her daughter Lilith is without knowing that Lilith was not only the first woman Adams, but also as the mother of demons that cause sudden infant death syndrome. Now think about it, to the second given name of the little ones to the first name. What names are prohibited? Lenin was not approved on German registry offices, as well as OMO, Sairi, Unhygienix or Gramophone. Two suggestions, my husband had no chances. Che”or Garda”, for a girl. Because our baby is probably arose in the holiday on Lake Garda. Place names as names are not allowed in Germany. Where and how is the name given? Officially in the birth announcement, which needs to be explained within a week after giving birth at the registry office. That the young typically takes”father. The should be for this course in their right mind. 🙂 Continued our history namely: after we had closed the list in 30 weeks gestation, then deleted names, four were left at the end. Finally, we decided to Laurin. But Laurin father was beer, with which he had watered his paternity during the tour to the Registrar of the birth on the day before and the box, so intoxicated that he was just a few names the child. There was”still so much space in the row, he muttered sheepishly as he handed me the birth certificate and spoke about football career. Our son is now called Laurin Diego Gary Pele. End of story ;).