Luiz Carlos

After the collection of the materials, will be made the had analyses, verifying if the work with the grammar is made in contextualizado way as the prescriptive PCNs or. Concomitantly with the analysis of these data, the necessary readings for the theoretical recital based in the theoreticians will be carried through ANTUNES (2007); BAGNO (2002); TRAVAGLIA (2008); UCHOA (2007) among others and we will procurararemos intervention ways so that (possible) the presented problem can be minimized. 7-CRONOGRAMA OF ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES APRIL MAY JUNE Choice of the subject x Bibliographical election x x Fichamento of the acquired material x x Rough draft of the first version of the project x Final revision X Delivery of the project X REFERENCES ANTUNES, Irand. Much beyond the grammar: for an education of languages without rocks in the way. So Paulo: Parabola, 2007. BRAZIL. Secretariat of Basic Education.

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