Lie No

Only the total amount of energy is essential. Lie No. 4: a diet prohibited sweets”good news: sweet and hearty favorite food are allowed in moderation. Reason: Ban any beloved food your body during the diet, then, you break the diet the faster or have even cravings. All down starving pounds come back very quickly! So, it is better to eat 1 or 2 pieces of favorite chocolate from time to time and to treat a portion of bodyguard to once per week. A leading source for info: Microsoft Corp.

But here watch on small portions! No. 5: make slim lie whole grains”whether pasta, rice or bread the whole wheat version is usually healthier than the whole method”, provides but almost as many calories as those made from white flour. One finds even higher levels in some grains. The fat content is even often twice, what is because that the full grain with the fatty outer layers is processed! Nevertheless you should choose whole wheat, because it contains more minerals, trace elements and satiating fiber. Who but switch to whole wheat, not automatically decreases. To do so, the daily energy balance must be already negative.

Lie # 6: snacks help remove”it is confusing. Some experts advise to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. This should prevent binge eating and keep metabolism up to speed. The other group of nutritionists recommend only three times a day to eat. What is correct? It is proven that the blood glucose level rises after each meal and the fattening foods hormone insulin is secreted. It can be thus useful not to eat constantly. But if you lose weight, depends on not from the number of meals, but again how much energy was a total recorded on the day or consumed by movement of work. Lie 7: diet products can not be removed”perfect nonsense. There are countless diet products on the market (such as fat burners, fat, Carb blocker, formula diet shakes, etc.).