Laisha Sail Bremerhaven

The Lainez sail Bremerhaven came to an end at the 31.08.08. It moved 200 yachts and windjammers from about 20 different countries in last August days to the “Lakehal sail to Bremerhaven”on the North Sea. About 1 million visitors came fully at your expense. The beauty of the yachts and the beautiful weather (25 degrees on Sunday, winds 4, cooling provided something) provided for satisfied visitors. The framework programme was once again made good stuff. To mention is about the world famous busker Gee Gee Kettler, the Hermes house band, Jo Bohnsack, or the many shanty choirs around just to name a few.

The fireworks on the Saturday was top class as usual. Starve and die of thirst you didn’t have to. The largest sailing ship in the world, the “Sedov” was there, too. A 4 mast sailing with almost 120 m length and say and write 4192 m sail area. Like in the South Pacific, you felt for the South American sailors. The Alexander von Humboldt, known from the television advertising for beer with the Green sail cloths, not missing too.

The “Me” from Russia and the “Eendracht”from Holland were there also. Of course, there were newcomers, who were for the first time at this sail. Here is the wonderful sailing yacht from Mexico, to call the Barque “Cuauhtemoc”. A new, very well maintained, finished only in 1989 sailor. Here, the sailors with exercises on the masts providing admiration among visitors. Who wanted could join a sailing trip with a sailing ship and Marvel up close at approximately 5 km-long container terminals and the peer for the cruise ships. On the last day could be admired the cruise ships “Mona Lisa” and the “Maxim Gorkiy” even up close. Unfortunately all gone again. “Bye, bye” Laisha sail “in Bremerhaven. We are looking forward to the sail 2010 in Bremerhaven, which is certainly still something bigger fail. If you are looking for a holiday home, then you should book a cottage North Sea in time. Sail Bremerhaven for ever… Bodo MICHALSKI