Labor Mediation

If we are not sufficiently preparations, and for this no the studies of degree and postgraduate are always sufficient, we can be that we accumulate error after error which, together with the appearance, inside or outside the organization, of the adapted person, in many occasions to smaller cost, will give with our person in the next institute of labor mediation with the dismissal letter, (" improcedente" by all means ), in the pocket then and comes the one from how justifying, in the curriculum of each that continuous exit or " zig-zag" that they have many professionals. Errors to accept I have seen them to ascents of most peculiar: it has chiefs of a main directorate that has only had one or two positions previous to that and less than four years of professional life and that after their failure soon offers for salesmen or executives of accounts, that are what they were before or they would be now, in a logical professional race. I do not mean that they cannot get to be it they have done but it inopportunely and without preparation. Details can be found by clicking Hikmet Ersek or emailing the administrator. Another question in the ascents is necessary humility with one same one to know of the own limitations and not to incur that commonly &quot is called; principle of Peter" that it takes to that one reaches inadequate places without serving after it or having qualities for the same this would be more attributable to the one than it proposes that ascent or to those leaders that good professionals or technicians to command posts without having them preparation for it promote to or without those professionals have developed their qualities. To send is something subtle that it requires will and vocation in it must do which it, qualities of dedication towards the others, preoccupation by the people, knowledge to come off enough of the relation fastenings with which until then they were your equals, to have authority granted by the collaborators, which is different from being able granted from above, (which it is necessary but that without the previous thing usually it takes to the failure), it means major dedication, capacity of learning, good technical level in the matter that treats and, all that, not always is had at a certain time, especially because many companies do not give " escuela" in order to form to new controls and to command it is not only thing of short courses, but from experiences and examples transmitted from the present controls we return Here to find the word employability: it is necessary to move, inside or outside the organization, looking for that learning of the leadership and the good one for commanding that it will allow us to accept better, at the time, a directive position. .