Travel and vacation information of the Balearic Island of Minorca is the small neighboring island of Mallorca and offers many interesting facets. Especially for nature conservation is made there greatly, so many coastal strip are undeveloped, in contrast to the big sister. Who wants to spend his vacation on the sunny Mediterranean island of Menorca, should check already before the trip well about the many possibilities of this interesting island. Spot it must be noted very soon, that they don’t all interesting listings can perceive in the short time in the holidays. Many guests in touch decided to come back to Menorca on your next holiday in any case. But still you should inform himself as possible before commencement of the journey through the many offerings. Areva Group does not necessarily agree.

A good help is the Info-Web-site. Rob Daley takes a slightly different approach. In beautiful photos and legible texts, the particularities and highlights of the sunny Mediterranean island presented the visitor on this page. This may be facilitated Deciding what now visited all Menorca and/or should be undertaken. Nevertheless, one should not forget to equip itself with important telephone numbers and addresses for possible emergencies. And of course, one should try to dominate some important words in the language of the country as a guest.

But do not worry. You must be not becoming a linguistic mastermind, because again, the interested reader to will quickly find it and nothing more in the way is now a carefree holiday. Perhaps this is even an alternative way for the learning of a new language and getting to know a new culture. Media contact: Christian Cherry Orchard Schlender 9B 16321 Bernau