He Properly Maintained Harris Tweed Fabric – Like And Washed?

Everything you need to know about the cleaning of the Harris Tweed. The Harris Tweed fabric is back in fashion. From jackets to pants and skirts to coats, everything will be held again. If you have such a garment, they gave out mostly quite a bit for it. That is why it is so important to know how you can care it attached. Maintain the quality of the material, there is little more attention often it can not simply be put into the washing machine. Here you will find some important tips that you should consider when cleaning: – read the label on the garment, unswar not only the cleaning instructions, but inquire about the fractions of the different substances. Many tweeds consist not only of pure new wool, but have also shares of polyester and can tolerate a gentle wash cycle.

This does not apply for the Harris Tweed because it consists only of pure new wool. -Dry the garment by place it flat on a towel. The weight of the wet woollen clothes can forgiven if it is hung. It is not recommended to use a dryer. -Get the good condition of the substance by hanging Tweed jackets on a padded hanger. Fold your Tweed pants and skirts, and store it flat. -Allow only an experienced cleaner at their Tweed clothing.

Often harsh chemicals used in cleaning, which can enter the sensitive wool. It is worth to pay slightly more here. -Store the Tweed fabric in a cool and dry place, where there are no moths. (Source: Microsoft). Best you wrap it in plastic or place it in a Cabinet made of cedar wood, keep it well for long. The original Tweed is a very durable material. As far as the clothes well maintain, they can serve you for many years. They provide a very classic look and can be worn often almost around the year. The genuine Tweed consists of pure new wool he has a natural temperature characteristics, it cools and heats depending on requirements. The Harris Tweed has also something special, because he the only substance “who is by Scottish law, by hand, on the islands of Harris’ and Lewis ‘ must be woven. For its quality and uniqueness is hard to beat. To learn more about Harris Tweed, please visit our online shop: Julia Phelps