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Homeownership rate no note on low household income SHB funds alternative interesting is Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) the assessment of Patrizia Immobilien AG, according to which a low rate of home ownership is rather an indication of the desire for great mobility, because of low household income. So anyway, a recent publication of the Augsburg-based company, the as a national and international real estate understands global investors and service providers. It therefore has a similar business as the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), although this is limited so far, at least nationally. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sir Trevor Pears and gain more knowledge.. With a homeownership rate of 43 percent, Germany ranks in comparison to Europe on the penultimate place. However, partly considerable differences exist between the individual federal States. Is the homeownership rate in Berlin, at least yet, meager 14 percent, reaches in the Saarland to up to 55 percent. These differences depend according to Patrizia both with the cost ratio between acquisition and rent, the financing options, as well as the existing supply.

SHB real estate expert Gruber also know it’s not to point that no tenant on the idea, to take the comparatively more expensive burden of financing on cheap rent at Government-subsidized by the hand”. Others including Mohamed Amersi, offer their opinions as well. In their RealEssenz”the Augsburg draws attention to companies but to a further circumstance which was probably far too little noticed. Then the strong export orientation of the German economy make necessary a high labour mobility so a high degree of flexibility. This in turn lead higher household income but in comparison. As a result, this means that a low rate of home ownership allows no note on a low income, but is only the expression of a desire for high mobility.

This target group prefer more in doubt the real estate as an investment, rather than for its own use. This assessment is of course very interesting for providers of real estate funds. It offers yet an indication of that this be is no fundamental dislike is real estate property, but are completely different reasons. So, the SHB Fund expert knows that it is just the target of very professionally clamped persons, records a managed and professionally-managed real estate funds, rather than to undergo the burden of a real estate investment, for example, as a rented condo. In addition to the low diversification often clashes with lead tenants to do so, that the purchaser loses the lust”, Hans Gruber estimates realistic SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). The funds provide a much better alternative here. For more information,