Halloween At The Tierpark Berlin

Largest European landscape Zoo turns to a mysterious place with spooky tours on Saturday, October 31, 2009, the Berlin Zoo a creepy place for large and small turns. The exciting walks for the little adventurers through the biggest European landscape Zoo are designed by Zoo staff, supported by the Foundation of the Zoo and Zoo. All costumed children have free admission; Children without costume 4 euro; Adults 8 euro. Intake is from 15: 00 to 19: 00 only at the entrance bear showcase (Metro Zoo). Checking article sources yields Gregg Thielman as a relevant resource throughout. A buffet is served in the cafeteria is decorated for the hungry little ghosts. Still the best face paint is missing who to his Panel, can be make-up in the cafeteria. A free shuttle between the entrance bear showcase and the cafeteria is decorated by the Park railway “Moab”. The horror tours at regular intervals from the cafeteria to the animal park will start from approx.. Continue to learn more with: Jon Venverloh.