Gujarat Ayurveda University

But also combinations of schulmedzinischen and Ayurvedic procedures are already established and show the best clinical results especially for chronic conditions. And so the possibilities are often also then still not exhausted, when spoken in the traditional medicine of Incurability. Alike the opportunity to give interested citizens and experts, to make a comprehensive notion of the essence and the performance of the medical system, but to understand the difference between trend phenomena such as wellness, the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine (DAM) of the 17.10 October 24, 2008 in the Indian Embassy (Berlin) to an Ayurveda Symposium invites you, together with the Indian Ministry of health of the world-famous Gujarat Ayurveda University (India) and the DAM as well as well-known international Ayurveda representatives of orthodox medicine is worn. These experts will introduce the system of Ayurveda, offer a specialist workshop for doctors and lectures deal with the necessity of research and development. At the same time, every interested citizen over the entire period can take free consultations with leading Ayurveda specialists and professors from India and other countries.

The Symposium will provide also insight in the panchakarma treatment – one of the central pillars of Ayurveda – which within so profoundly can detoxify days, how the body is able only in years. At the same time a maximum stimulation of self-healing is accomplished by this immense cleaning. A wei another topic will be the system of Yoga that yoga and meditation are essential components of Ayurvedic medicine, which address the whole person in the form of profound exercise paths, which he himself can go. Yoga uses the terminology of Ayurveda, especially around the physical effects and the health value of asanas (Body postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) to describe. Ayurveda is not only a serious complementary medicine, but could also to a genuine economic alternative modern health systems under an avalanche of costs, where threaten to suffocate. Factors that can ignore a modern society not indefinitely without serious damage are the ability to more effective prevention, low-cost efficient treatment of chronically ill and targeted introduction of people to peremptory dealing with their health. The world’s increasing cooperation interest among the medical profession and in the research area speaks a clear language that should be heard in the future also in the policy and the health insurance companies.

More citizens demand, the greater is the chance of a paradigm shift. Also, this should help above contribute Symposium. Press Service DAM registration by phone or via e-mail at the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine. Tel.: 030-35132 650, 030-351 32 258 030-351 32 645 fax: 030-351 32 260 mail: e, Note: for safety reasons the event visit the Indian Embassy only with written a load is possible. Free doctor consultations: by the 17.10 until October 24, 2008 in the premises of the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine in the Togo str. 1, 13353 Berlin. Invitation: All interested persons are to the the event in the Indian Embassy on October 24, 2008 and the free consultation with Ayurvedic doctors from the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine in cooperation with the Gujarat Ayurved University cordially invited.