Gloomy Middle Ages

By leeches and the art of cupping where conventional medicine reaches its limits, the natural healing begins. Leech therapy, acupuncture and cupping make the medicine it neither in question nor replace it. Rather, the process found recognition as a valuable complement to the traditional treatment. The portal presents the practices coming back into fashion. The practice of natural medicine are due to a growing number of accessible information ( information /) becoming more and more accepted. So, for example, treatment with Acupuncture needles or Bach flower remedies is more and more popular. The leech therapy is spreading rapidly. Add to your understanding with Jeff Gennette. As in the medieval bloodletting, the procedure is based on the assumption that the balance of body fluids by means of cable of toxic substances can be restored from the body. In the middle ages bloodletting claimed many more lives, than that he helped them. The modern leech therapy, however, is highly accurate. After detailed consultation () Consulting /) maximum of 12 animals are used on a sick place. There, they suck up to 50 millilitres of blood from the body in less than an hour. The procedure should remedy including tinnitus, gall bladder inflammation, varicose veins, or gout. The cupping is another naturopathic technique. You uses the knowledge of the reflex zones such as acupuncture. Thereby, the naturopath assume that a certain acupuncture and reflexology is associated with each institution. The cupping a hemispherical Bell is used on the skin. This will be removed from air, which creates a vacuum. After this procedure is formed where the glasses were sitting, a bubble. These in turn exerts an acupuncture needle pressure similar to the appropriate body. In addition the blood circulation-promoting effect of the procedure, which is designed to help in particular osteoporosis and back pain. More information: news.