Gino Faffo

It should not be forgotten, that mental resilience is the result of multiple processes that counterbalance the harmful situations, is a dynamic which could draw the following stages: Defense and protection balance opposing tension commitment and challenge overcoming the significance and valuation positivity self accountability creativity in this respect us bringsthe concept of tough personality appears for the first time in the scientific literature in 1972, in relation to the idea of protection against stressors. Kobasa and Maddi are authors who developed the concept, through the study of those people who faced negative vital facts seemed to have some personality traits that protected them. Thus, resistant people have a great sense of commitment, a strong sense of control over events and are more open to changes in life, has been established to the time they tend to interpret the stressful and painful experiences as one part of existence, in general, is considered that it is a multifactorial construct with three main components: commitment, control and challenge. The concept of strong personality is closely linked to Existentialism. Gino Faffo, thereon tells us, resilience builds from the illuminating surface of the human being, from its strengths, assuming the potential of each individual to develop.

L a second edge is the idea of diversity, difference. Resilience theory takes on meaning from the differences in reaction to generating, adverse circumstances of stress. While some people succumb to such circumstances, showing imbalance and disorders at various levels. Others develop successfully despite adversity. To the extent that we are surprised inatentos, where the results have been adverse, must wake up, prepare us for feedback our weaknesses, strengthening us optimize the use of our potential and give I turn to actions that help us grow to ensure that we know how to exploit weaknesses, failures learning that favors us. We are reminded, that resiliency is the ability of a material in terms of engineering to regain their original shape after undergoing a distorting pressure.