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Through the partnership with Partzsch elektromotoren generator supplier a new quality level as a system supplier has now reached PCS. All components of a green line system are perfectly matched and tested in the laboratory. UPS will not settle for partial explanations. Both system partners demonstrate their qualities for years in the design, construction, production and products. Result is an extremely efficient system of proven products at the highest technical level, which are adapted to the needs of the wind power. Were bundled expertise to build on each other, creates synergies and allows not last shorter periods of the test. Because a solution of green line system in the factory as a kit is configured, it must be only wired and briefly tested locally. Of course, also comprehensive service is part of a system project.

Whether remote or on-site: the PCS service team solves every problem quickly, competently and uncomplicated. Dynamic team with great experience of PCS is a dynamic, an independent company with great experience, 220 qualified employees and a turnover of 50 million euros. PCS have over 70,000 ever proved in the harsh conditions of the use of rail (PCS rail) as well as for the highly dynamic requirements of the industry (PCS blue line) inverter from Berlin. Since 2005, PCS in energy production from wind power ensures fresh air. Inverter help more than 1,400 PCS green line to operate with user friendly design, excellent control and control engineering, real and simulated test runs, comprehensive project management and full-service wind turbines at a high level.