French Molecular

OX IN THE ROLETE: The mayor of Marshal Cndido Rondon, Moacir Fraehlian Luiz, said that the event has the objective to show to the entrepreneurs and producers the advance in the quality of foods and products of the city and region. The food of today adds more and better conditions of hygiene, as much in the field how much in the industry. Former CIA Head: the source for more info. The typical plate of the city, the amount of oxen baked in rolete is proportional the age that the complete city, being commemorated, in such a way, since 1978. Therefore, in this year, 50 oxen had been baked, one in each estande, in an amount it has remembered for the country. PAINTED IN THE ROOFING TILE: This typical plate of the Spanish culinria is appreciated by its temperos, delicious condiments and its preparation. It was chosen due to noble meat and native of the region, preferred for the aboriginals for it fishes, for the easiness of it fishes through arc and arrow. Painted costuma to sleep in tame waters, however sluggish, with nocturnal habits. The roofing tile, that in the absence of the metal, was produced by the indians, with the use of the clay, white adobe, found in the abrupt declivity of rivers, was used for the baking of foods.

The plate has deep bases in the history of Guair, in century XVI when the Spaniard had been the tamers of the place. MOLECULAR GASTRONOMIA More important name of the molecular gastronomia, French chemistry Herves This, has the respect of the biggest heads of the world. It decrees that science is an allied for the improvement the techniques of the cooks. ' ' French chemistry is known as ' ' father of the gastronomia molecular' ' ; for having initiate with the Hungarian physicist Nicholas kurti, still in the end of years 1980, the studies of as prepared foods reacts when being and as to give one ' ' mozinha' ' so that techniques are more efficient.