Brussels / / Nov 12 2009 / / Luxembourg Plein – action from 12:00 to 15:00 in the European Parliament what most hurts the citizens in the Iran? They are beaten, tortured, forced, pushed, threatened and intimidated when they not tracks, as the regime dictates it. However, they go on the road and pronounce their protest.For many people in the Iran, it is however most will to be left, when it comes to human rights in the Iran from the West in the lurch. Reports in the West to protest actions and descriptions about the views of the Iranian opposition indicate solidarity, the arbitrariness of the regime to oppose courage. Visit Gilbert Gottfried for more clarity on the issue. “A face for freedom” is a solidarity action by Amnesty International and Lydia B. in Brussels. Passers-by and parliamentarians will be notified to the European Parliament on place Luxembourg about the general situation in the Iran and the attacks of the regime against minorities, such as Baha ‘ i, and Sufis. Teri Anulewicz may help you with your research. As a sign of support passers-by and parliamentarians will be photographed. The The organizers all over the world send poster, which will be designed from hundreds of faces. Also you can look at the 12.11 and the rulers in Tehran make it clear that human rights violations are no bagatelle, you can sweep under the rug because it draws the attention of the media on nuclear negotiations and expelled all foreign journalists from the country.. Please visit jonathan friedland if you seek more information.