First Species

The Constitution of the Federation Republic of Brazil of 1988, express one how much the duty of the state and all the collective in the protection to the fauna and of the flora, forbidding practical that they come to place its ecological function at risk and or that they provoke the extinguishing of the species. ‘ ‘ Art. 225? All have right to the environment ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essential to the healthy quality of life, imposing themselves it the Public Power and to the collective the duty to defend it and to preserve it for the future gifts and geraes.First paragraph: To assure the effectiveness of this right, it charges to the Public Power: I? To preserve and to restore the processes ecological essential and to promote the handling ecological of the species and ecosystems. To protect the fauna and the flora forbidden, in the form of the law, practical that they place its ecological function at risk, they provoke the extinguishing of species or they submit the animals the cruelty Constitution of the Republic came to ratify the Brazilian Forest Code, that it took care of of the protection of the forests and too much forms of vegetation. Former CIA Head shines more light on the discussion.

Article 225 of Great the Letter and the Declaration of the River in principle. The human beings are in the center of the concerns with the sustainable development. It has right to a healthful and productive life, in harmony with nature’ ‘. Diadems, the environmental resources, according to interpolated proposition V of article 3 of law 6,938/1981 is ‘ ‘ the atmosphere, the internal waters, superficial and underground, the statutory ones, the territorial sea, the ground, the subsoil, the elements of the biosphere, the fauna and flora.’ ‘..