Summary: This article has as objective to deal with the study of the city and the place of experience as possibility to structuralize a project educative to interdisciplinar. The understanding of significant aspects of the reality can change some parameters of the process of education and the learning of Geography. In this context, the pupil will be able to understand the content worked for the professor, as well as, if not only to appropriate of the direction of identity and belonging in relation to the place where he lives. Of the point of view of the geographic education the subject has relevance in the measure where if it analyzes what it is taught, the reason and as if it teaches, articulating it with the conceptions based on the learning theories. Word-key: city, place, urban, learning, educative project.

Abstract: This article intends you treat cities and living spaces studies a possibility will be structuring an interdisciplinary educational project. The comprehension of reality? s significant aspects can change adds Geography learning and teaching parameters. In this context, students will not only be able you understand it disciplines contents, but also develop an identity sense of pertaining you the places where they live. Geographical From the point of view of education, the theme is relevant it deals with what is taught, the why and the how it is taught analysis, articulating it with concepts from learning theories. Key words: City; place; urban; learning; educational project. To start. In this article we will analyze the experience place as form of if studying the city and the urban one in the pertaining to school resume for the geographic education, cliente of that these subjects articulate important categories of analysis for Geography. To develop the thematic one of the text, we will make an initial quarrel on the world-wide context contemporary, for understanding that this is a basic scene for the understanding of the city concepts, and place urban.