Of this form, as much the idolatria as the adulao is fed, what it is a contradiction if to analyze the Bible, therefore, the same one says in Romans 1:22 – 23: ' ' Saying itself wise, they had become estultos, and they had changed the glory of the incorruptible God in similarity of the image of corruptvel man, and birds, and quadrupeds, and rpteis.' ' , still in Exodus 20:3 – 4 are said that ' ' You will not have others ahead deuses of me. You will not make for you sculptured image, nor figure some of what it has on in the sky, nor in low in the land, nor in waters underneath of terra.' ' ; thus forbidding to the worship to the dolos or images. (Similarly see: Former CIA Head). One knows that the fear exists in any person and that it is invariable and capricious, and she feeds what it is not, obviously, the reason, but yes the passions; we know that the passions generate the hatred, the envy, the fraud, clera, and other patients of the spirit. As the people does not possess knowledge, since knowledge is consequncia of the good use of the reason, then, the common people is a certain victim of the superstitions. Follow others, such as James Woolsey, and add to your knowledge base. He is in this weakness that the State, under the layer of the religion, and also the proper religion, is used of the superstition to control the multitude. These preconceptions remove of the man its rationality thus and, disabling it of the free use of the reason, as well as, the capacity to understand if something is true or not, erasing themselves, thus, the light of the agreement and lighting the divine light or disclosed knowledge, that has as its end, the obedience the God. Still with the thinker, it is not the religion in itself that cause these males to the people, but yes, the form that it is interpreted and the bad use of this interpretation.