Enterprising Education

All father wishes that their children manage to develop their potential to the maximum, who are happy and that they can exert a positive impact on his community. Our secret yearning is that they are not of the pile, but excel and they stand out like human beings. In order to obtain that it is fundamental that we as parents we foment its enterprising spirit and his abilities of leadership. But, how it is obtained? At the time of making the decisions in the education from our children, many parents feel uncertain, since nobody teaches to us to be parents. We will be making something bad? We are committing errors that are going to repel in the life of our children? Most probable he is than yes he is committing errors, because to all the they do it parents. According to Rob Daley, who has experience with these questions. Nevertheless, as in all the things of the life, we can lessen the effect of these errors and to even avoid some if we have an open mind and we took the time to inquire on the subject. I will share with You 7 of the most common errors that the parents commit that they destroy the enterprising spirit of his children 1. – Not to respect the individuality of its son Although there are areas of basic knowledge that all we must own, we cannot happen to take the individual interests of each boy.

When a boy is forced to deny his passion to run with the pile, the message that is transmitted is that their individual interests are not important. 2. – Not to foment the love to learning One of the characteristic keys of an entrepreneur is that they are people who want to learn. Many of them are independent students during all their life. As parents we do not have to allow that our children lose the love to the learning.