Emotional Consequences

After my first curettage, I tried to resume my normal occupations. Attending the reception table of a clinic of Gynecology where every day paraded women in the same situation that I was, and worked as a general nurse and also as a nurse neonatologist, by what I thought that no one was better qualified than I to understand the risks and consequences of a curettage. After all, those issues were our bread every day in my field of work. I was completely wrong. It is true that as the days passed I found it increasingly difficult to regain my life. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tulip Retail and gain more knowledge.. Patients paraded by my desk and I spoke with them about their problems, sought to comfort them and even dare to give some other advice.

But in my intimate immunity he was unable to stop my own collapse. I began to investigate what was what could be happening to me. First thing I did was consult gynaecologists with whom he worked. The three agreed. He needed rest. I was going through a duel and It was logical that me feel that way. However, rest was the last thing thought about those moments. Something told me that if my mind it not maintained in constant activity, would soon begin to despair me really. sion.

Either way, a week later I was forced out of license. And now I could not return. The following weeks were a nightmare. I felt empty and defeated. I found it impossible to think clearly. However, I was sure that my State had nothing to do with the loss of my baby. (Once again fell into the same trap of believing that you knew everything). The only solution that occurred to me to try to fill this gap that devoured me the bowels was to get pregnant again. He felt that momentum like never before. I wanted a new pregnancy and wasn’t going to stop me until you achieve it. Two months left me exhausted. The anxiety I kept awake at night and the only thing that did was frantically consult my ovulation calculators and take me the temperature with five thermometers different. There came a moment that could only ask me: why demons do not stay, if I am doing everything right?? He no longer wanted to see anyone. He didn’t leave the House. But above all, he didn’t that nobody saw me until you are not entirely sure that had become pregnant. Of course, at this point the relationship with my husband also was suffering from deep wear. He, apart from consult physicians and psychologists, did not know what else do for me. Didn’t even know how to treat me. Some days the aggressive enfrentabadecididamente and others I simply was in bed not wanting to speak to him. He used to sit watching from the door of the room in the morning, before leaving for his Office. And one of those mornings brought breakfast to bed and then sat down next to me to let know me he was going. The story continues, but space here has ended. If you want you can visit my site to read more about the emotional consequences of curettage.