Education System

The important element in this was is the common man and current that is capable of creating knowledge. In the industrial age machines they displaced man, today man can be the generator of wealth, the problem is that today’s education is not preparing students so that they become knowledge generators, still teaching in the industry, to be employed and to obey time. It is urgent to relocate to the classroom the characteristics of education that we need to encourage so that students will become new entrepreneurs, creators of knowledge, to not run the irrigation that machines (computers) move them again. Education that we require is that which makes students a few real problems solvers. There is no justifiable reason that students educated in the knowledge era is left without work because they must be graduating from universities with the capability to create social welfare. If the Mexicans really want to make the great leap to a promising future, we need to move from criticism to the system educational current research and the establishment of all the methodologies to promote a revolution in the educational system.

There is an education system that helps develop 16 intelligences have so far been discovered. This system is rigged with a pedagogical proposal that in the realm of facts makes students a true enthusiast at all times interested in learning. At this time there are all the resources to transform ordinary students into real genius. We have no right to ignore them and delay the progress of Mexico for generations. No political, economic and social movement will be successful, unless you go ahead the establishment of a new educational system which makes waking up to the whole population.

That awakening should be accompanied of a new way of communicating by means of communication. Who writes this presides over a kindergarten where we are implementing this education system and so far we are experiencing the pleasure of teaching. We are insurance that we are leaving fingerprint that will impact on the future of all of our students. Other complementary items, if you ask them for me I put at your disposal, warmly I send them. We need an education that make happy children now, not for the future. We educate or domesticamos?