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Commerce Center: The new application allows dealers to trade through an intuitive user interface and a seamless workflow process, which offers individual access to the digital operations across different channels. -Product content management: Dealers operate directly with the data within the Demandware ecommerce platform and can so Medienubergereifend on product information to access, manage and control. Hikmet Ersek will not settle for partial explanations. You benefit from the added value of the user experience compared to back-office applications. -LINK partner ecosystem: over 100 pre-integrated technology and certified solution partners expand the functions of the Demandware platform, so that all requests made to customers are met. -Cloud infrastructure: the global network extension supports the growing number of international operations by continuous scaling of the cloud infrastructure. A next milestone within their DCM strategy Demandware will present the functions order management and customer service, are seamlessly integrated into your ecommerce platform. By embedding these functions, Demandware offers the possibility of a better promotion and a better customer service retailers. Keith Yamashita is full of insight into the issues. The service personnel and customers have the possibility to manage orders, status, payments, returns and service questions directly via the channels and devices.

The basis is a universal pricing and promotions for a consistent experience across the various channels. Recent industry commissioned “the digital directives: A Commerce technology manifesto” had the dealer complained, that they with more must realize less and had their frustration about the Commerce technologies and its providers expressed. DCM addresses these challenges clear and uncompromising. “The success of retailers within this dynamic consumer environment is dependent on the technology. “And we have heard loud and clear, that the retailer of the Commerce technology providers expect better work to solve the problems, to provide better products, and to promote innovation,” commented Rob Garf, Vice President for product and solution marketing. “Our company is based on openness, innovation and mutual success. DCM is not only a strategic response to the challenges facing of the industry, but the platform can be seen as a transparent vision for our portfolio.” (1) a guiding document created by “Forrester Consulting”: The future of retail and tomorrow’s consumer (the future of retail and the consumer of tomorrow), June 2011.

” For more details about Demandware and ‘Digital commerce management’ (DCM) under Demandware is a registered Brand of the Demandware, Inc. company description of Demandware-Demandware is a leading provider of SaS E-commerce solutions (“software as a service”), allow companies to their own company-specific E-commerce content, including websites, mobile applications and other online shops. Our customers take advantage of the scalable integrated Demandware ecommerce platform, several E-commerce sites easier to publish and to manage, to launch marketing campaigns faster and to improve the E-Commerce traffic.