Dale Carnegie

The art of selling has been the activity that has been practiced throughout human history. All practice sometime this activity in all the circumstances of our lives when we want to achieve something, we practice creativity, convince the other party to yield to our wishes. But when we think only in practicing this profession thought about the benefits we receive and not where the customer wants, what and why, can lead us to failure. Rob Daley shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The art of selling has undergone major transformations and techniques throughout history. Technological innovations, advances in society and our way of life, to forget a very important point: To understand human nature. Source: Brian Bates. YY what it means to understand human nature? Very simple, is to understand human behavior, how we react to certain circumstances, emotions as part of the response to certain situations, why and for what.

For these reasons the first step we must do to succeed as sellers is understanding human nature, increase our ability to try to influence people, understand and know their possible reactions to certain circumstances. mation. It is to recognize what people are and not what we believe to be. We must avoid deliberate bias that will only lead to failure of the negotiations. If you ask me how I can understand human nature would always be borne in mind that people are always interested in itself and not you. The famous author Dale Carnegie in his famous book a Como dominate and influence the personasa technique clearly exposes us how to satisfy the ego of people, establish rapport and make them effective sales and permanent. Keep the precept that people are always more interested in fully self in you. Understand this and implement it effectively is the first step toward a successful career in sales.

Let's thrusters progress and welfare of our daily learning techniques to master the skill in dealing with people. Overlooking this aspect can be applied with absolute certainty and assurance that we will have good results, otherwise we will be situations where our communication with the client determine the favorable or unfavorable results. Let us be ourselves in this learning process, not fall into the trap of emulating the techniques of other personality and successful person. Each of us have skills and virtues. Keeping our essence as human beings, listening and understanding customers. the reason for what, good results will appear soon. Until the next article.