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He will have, therefore, a social system that seats in the basic protocol of the social dimension, that ‘ ‘ He teaches In them that the social system conditions, he shapes and he guides basic aspects of the behavior and the personality. (…) to regulate he tends it and to guide the behavior of its members and componentes.’ ‘ (ROMERO, 1998:72) If it continues to reflectir on the existence human being, is come across with a complex teia, of interdependences between the different dimensions human beings who, in the modern man, are each time evidentes and that for the citizen of the future if they become necessary to be able itself to understand the other as an equal one, in which if can review as person of rights and duties, that is, as citizens of the world. Pegasus Books may help you with your research. One gives credit that this will be one of the ways to follow in this new century, among others how much efficient so interesting passages. Independently of the processes, of the strategies and the resources to use, it seems not to remain many doubts under the urgency to form a new citizen, even because other processes, warlike, totalitarian and nominated radical would not reach the objectivos that, for the pacific way of the education and formation, if it intends to defend in this work, to get the desired results.