If not profited the authentic values that sport as responsibility, discipline, effort, and in the case of football in particular, teamwork and fellowship, among others, offers us not is you can be talking about school, because we will be depriving children of a facet of sports elementary for their training. 8 And since then it is not a football school, is a site where the really important thing is to make housing to make ends meet, the goal is to have many children enrolled that revenue increase of progressive and substantial way, and where the economic result is the main goal and the raison d ‘ etre of the school. No matter if the children really like football, if they behave properly, if they are trained with seriousness, if they meet the schedules etc., etc. What it really counts, it is that end of the month his parents pay the corresponding receipt… I could go on with more examples, but the exposed, are sufficient to distinguish What is it that is not, simply add that there is something fundamental about what must be a true College football, and that it corresponds to your part directive, since a entity, which like any other formed by a large number of people who belong to it, needs an effective leadership driven above all by a person with modern mentality and participatory spirit that encourages the contribution of ideas and teamworkto look for people with ability and personality and not individuals little preparations but docile and easy to handle. How much more freedom to have a technician to develop their ideas without pressure and give free rein to their creativity, within an order of course, most students who are part of the school, that they will also learn to think for themselves, to have capacity for inventiveness and ultimately your imagination may develop positively enrich, which without any doubt will impact very beneficial way in their personal and football development, and none of this is I’d get if that apply are interventionist pedagogies with a high doctrinal component that is today quite old-fashioned, but very probably some are not aware by that living completely outside reality. Original author and source of the article